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Wordskills 2016

Gold Medal Success

Melbourne is celebrated for holding memorable and impressive events throughout history and this October was certainly no different. The iconic Melbourne Show Grounds was privileged to be the venue of the 2016 Worldskills Competition.

Worldskills is an annual competition that enables employees and apprentices from across the country the opportunity to showcase their skills and talents in an array of industries. The creative trades’ portion of the competition remains a highlight for us here at Marjorie Milner College which offers quality apprenticeships in four different creative pursuits, Floristry, Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty Therapy.

Having had previous success at the competition the College was ecstatic to have three of its talented apprentices compete. All from the Floristry department of the college Chevonne Nicholas, Kathleen Horton and Elizabeth Lilburn worked diligently in preparation to represent Victoria in this world renowned event. In fact this group of three women were the only apprentices to represent Victoria this year, an honour for each of them individually as well as the teachers and staff here at the College.  Greg Milner the principal of the college expressed that “it was, as always, an honour and pleasure to support these students in refining their talents and supporting them in this endeavor.” Over the three day event it was clear the work and commitment that these students had to their chosen fields and they performed with great enthusiasm, presenting some incredible floral arrangements throughout the three day event.

It was with great excitement that at the conclusion of the competition we were informed that our very own Elizabeth Lilburn was the recipient of the Worldskills Gold Medal in Floristry. “It was an absolute thrill to hear that she had won as it was clearly deserved, she is an excellent florist” said James Milner of the college.

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The other Gold Medal winners in related creative fields were Gaby Ware from the NSW Tafe North Coast Institute for her work in the Hairdressing segment of the competition and Kaylee Howlett from the NSW Tafe Western Sydney Institute in the discipline of Beauty Therapy.

At Marjorie Milner College we pride ourselves on being a leader in quality training within Victoria and in fact nationally and the Worldskills Competition is a platform for both students and their respective training organisations to demonstrate their skills, expertise and knowledge within the vocational educational space and as such the event is one that we are delighted to support.

As a sponsor of the 2016 Worldskills Competition we take this opportunity to congratulate all this year’s competitors and especially acknowledge those who train with us here at Marjorie Milner College. We thoroughly enjoy being an educator in this space and are always thrilled to support any of our apprentices with their goals and career aspirations.

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