Australian Association of Floral Designers merge with ARA

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Australian Association of Floral Designers (AAFD) merge with Australia Retailers Association (ARA).

The AAFD has been an integral part in the support of the floristry industry for a number of years. The association has ensured that this small but important creative field has had opportunity to network and connect but also have a broader voice related to matters of importance over these years.

It has been a difficult decision for the Management Committee members of the AAFD to amalgamate the association with the ARA (Australian Retailers Association).

The motivating force of the AAFD was and remains to support the floristry industry and businesses and this decision had been made with just that in mind.

The ARA has a well renowned reputation and a community of members that can be an advocate and can provide the necessary support to new and existing members.

Kindly, the ARA is offering existing AAFD members 6 months free membership. This means that members could benefit from the ARA’s services for this period of time. After that period, members can opt out or remain members at the ARA’s membership cost.

The AAFD Management Committee will be passing a full membership database to the ARA upon amalgamation. This will include names, emails, phone numbers and any membership details previously provided to the AAFD. Of course any member that does not wish their details passed on and does not wish to take up the ARA’s offer of 6 months free membership will need to provide this in writing as soon as possible and by no later than 17/03/2023

Members wishing to do this can email to have their details withheld.

Like the AAFD, MM College is motivated to always advocate and support floristry students, employers, and the industry as a whole. As such we have attached the letter that all AAFD members will be receiving for those that may be interested.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact the Membership Officer of the AAFD, James Milner.

Onwards and upwards as they say. MM College, known for its accredited SFL30115 Certificate III in Floristry Apprenticeship courses, looks forward to what the ARA will be able to do to support and enhance the floristry industry.


Floristry Design by Nicole Gibson