Important Questions Answered Regarding JobTrainer

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Important Questions Answered Regarding JobTrainer

This week the Federal Government announced its comprehensive 2 Billion dollar  Job Trainer scheme.

This initiative is a huge boost for the training of young people throughout the country with free to low-cost training.

The scheme is aimed at young Australians  currently undergoing Apprenticeship training or a Traineeship or between the ages of 17 to 24. School leavers are of particular focus as the need to ensure positive transitions between school and the establishment of careers or their working lives is particularly important for a healthy economy.

The initiative is targeted toward Vocational Education courses such as Diplomas and Certificates and short courses that provide important skill sets to enhance an individuals study pathway opportunities or entrance into a workplace.

The Government has utilised the Skills Needs Commission to identify the industries that are in need of additional skilled employees. These areas have been comprehensively researched and a report has been published that states where the most in demand services are.

Hairdressing and Barbering has been identified as an important field where the need for highly skilled employees is high. Not only is Job Trainer specifically designed to keep apprentices in their jobs and training, it is also there to provide funding support for young Australians including those that may not have had the opportunity for a funded place studying Certificates in Hairdressing or Barbering prior to JobTrainers release.

JobTrainer has two distinct parts. One is to support young people and school leavers into training (17 to 24) and the other is to support current apprentices or trainees to remain employed and training.

How this helps is that the initiative will provided significant financial boosts and support to your employer. Specifically 50% of an apprentices wage up to $7000 a quarter or $28,000 a year will be subsidised by the Government.

This is a great financial benefit and assistance to hairdressing and barbering salons and shops. This will enhance job security and ensure that employers are given every opportunity to keep on apprentices and remain engaging in the apprenticeship space.


As mentioned above JobTrainer has been split into two directives.

* keeping current apprentices in jobs and;

* providing additional funded places within Vocational education training

If you are not undertaking an apprenticeship you may still be eligible for a government funded position studying any of the approved training qualifications that have been listed by the Skills Needs Commission.

Specific to us this means you could be able to studying our Certificate III in Hairdressing or the Certificate III in Barbering for free or low-cost.

There are certain eligibility criteria that must be adhered to such as you will need to be aged between 17 and 24. More specific details will be arranged by state.

We encourage if you are interested in studying with us to call 9880 7257 or email

Previously individuals were required to meet a set criteria to be deemed eligible for government funding for example, you were needing to be upskilling your qualifications. However JobTrainer aims to engage interested persons in courses that are identified as a ‘industry need’. So you may now be eligible for funding. This of course will be dependent on various other requirements and individuals circumstances that we would happily discuss. Contact James on 9880 7257 or email

The governments objective is to seeing over 100,000 more apprentices over  90,000 business across the country. This is to boost the economy and future proof it for years to come. By aiding businesses to take on and retain apprentices, the population of skilled persons with focused job outcomes will increase. By doing so we will be supporting the careers and financial futures of many young Australians.

For businesses you will need to have less than 199 employees from 1 July. So for the fields of hairdressing and barbering that means a fair majority of businesses will be eligible.

Further, unlike JobKeeper a business will not be required to demonstrate lost revenue. You simply need to have or take on an apprentice (between the ages of 17 and 24).

There are of course some finer points which will determine eligibility however, it appears that business are well considered and provided for in this JobTrainer scheme.

The Australian Apprentices Support Network (AASN) will be delivering the initiative and you will need to contact your local AASN to apply for government subsidies.

The subsides are;

50% of your apprentices wage subsides by the government, up to $7000 per quarter or $28,000 per year.

For more information contact Renee from MAS Experience at

Or James from the college on 9880 7257 or email him at