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The Way Back.

We’ve Been Through A Lot.

Study Barbering. Certificate III in Barbering (SHB30516)

COVID-19. Who would have thought that such a label would become so much a part of our everyday lives. Influencing our very way of life. Temporarily changing how we interact, how we communicate and how we work and study.

That is certainly the case for Hairdressing apprentices, Barbering apprentices and Floristry apprentices.

During the past months MMCollege has worked to remain connected and in touch with our student cohort and reassure our team that we are here for them. This has meant keeping our finger on the pulse of Government to ensure that we are strictly following the restrictions and we align with all the regulations that are in place to keep our communities safe. This has been a large task but one that we have committed to head on. As you will be aware the boundaries and rules have been evolving, at one stage daily! We have been investigating all the areas that may have impacted on our ability to train and our students and apprentices ability to safely learn. This has meant that a shift in perspective was needed in order to work through this challenging time.  We have without doubt been fortunate that our cohort, apprenticeship employers and staff have all remained patient and have created a realm of support for each other. The general understanding between all involved has been hugely beneficial and we are genuinely thankful to our community.

As we head toward the easing of restrictions within Victoria we are aware that many people may feel a deep sense of anxiety. We will all begin the task of forging toward normalcy. Seeing friends and family again, getting out and about and importantly returning to some sort of work and study arrangements similar to what we were experiencing a few months ago. With this in mind MMCollege wanted to draw your attention to the efforts that we will be making to remain diligent in regards to our staff, students and apprentices health and safety as well as what we can do to support our cohort getting back on track with their training. This also includes our interactions with employers and ensuring that a mutual understanding is reached with everyone involved to successfully ease back into ‘normal’ life once again.

Keep Your Distance.

COVID-19 has taught us the importance for flexibility, adaption, communication and care. It has also provided the opportunity for everyone to re-evaluate their situations and focus on what works rather than what doesn’t. Many have been forced to take on new ways of studying, new working arrangements and new environments. MMCollege has been no different. We have been amending and adjusting our learning environment to ensure that our cohort can experience the best quality training while still adhering to the social distancing rules. For those that have been coming to class over the past couple of weeks you will have worked within these changes and it has been very successful. Our one person every four square metres has enabled each student to remain within one work station. Not only has this meant that students have been safe and have kept their distance from others, it has also enabled students to become more focused on their work. Yes, students have been more successful than ever.

Now with Victoria beginning to think about easing our restrictions, like that of others states it is important that we take this step slowly and considerably. We must crawl before we walk! No sense in jumping the gun and then experiencing another lock down scenario where everyone is further disadvantaged.

With this in mind MMCollege plans to initiate any changes to our study environment cautiously. Our single student set ups will remain. Our hope is that our students and apprentices continue to feel as protected as possible while at the college and that they can comfortably continue their training. It goes without saying that our first and foremost objective is, to the best of our ability, create a safe and healthy environment for students and apprentices, staff and clients.

So all in all expect to keep crawling for the time being. Why change a good thing! These arrangements so far have been a win win for all involved. Our staff are content, our apprentices and students appear happy and our employers know that when they send their barbering and hairdressing apprentices to us we are looking after them. We are then in turn supporting their salons and shops during this time.

Always Be Prepared.

It is and has always been so important to ensure that you have the correct hairdressing and barbering gear on hand. More than ever it is imperative to have and bring this equipment with you for training.

This means all our cohorts tools, making sure they are up to date and ready for business. It means mannequin heads to work on especially now when working with and getting live clients is more difficult than usual.

To get our hairdressing and barbering apprentices and students through, MMCollege has been working hard to ensure they are able to keep establishing their skills and working towards becoming successful hairdressers and barbers. We want all of our cohort to continue to move forward positively. This has meant that we are keen to keep our students and apprentices working on practical skills. As mentioned before arrangements are slightly different and we have all been asked to adjust or be flexible in some way. Continuing to practice styling, cutting and colouring skills will only enhance our student’s and apprentice’s abilities once everyone is working more frequently on clients, either in shops or salons or at our simulated work environment at MMCollege.

So if you are a student or apprentice of ours and don’t have what you need then we highly recommend you spend sometime researching what you need and likewise obtaining what you need. Being prepared is another important organisational skill that is expected of us all, especially when we are working.

If you are a individual interested in starting a hairdressing apprenticeship or barbering apprenticeship or if you are keen to study with us then contact us and we will help prepare you for the journey ahead.

Click Here to contact us!

Hairdressing apprentices and Barbering apprentices receive a discount from our friends at Professional Hair Care in Blackburn. They have everything you need! No doubt about it you will find all the tools and equipment to assist you in your training towards pro hairdresser or barber. With expert knowledge and advice the team at Professional Hair Care will have you in and out the door with arms full of goodies.

Next step is to remember to bring them to class! We want you active and engaged. This is the time to soak up the opportunity to really get ahead with your training meaning you finish sooner and become a qualified and sort after hairdresser or barber.

Just as MMCollege is always observing what is needed and being as well prepared as possible so should our students and apprentices.

Stay Positive.

The health pandemic, COVID-19 has changed the world. It will continue to change and evolve as we learn more and as we start to understand and settle into what will become a normal way of living once again.

For some this has been an extremely difficult time and MMCollege has also undergone some significant changes as well. However, it has been the underlying motivation for the college to remain positive among these adjustments and do what we can to support our students and apprentices through this transition. This has been true particularly through the uncertainty of working situations and apprenticeship progress.

Delivering our high standard of education has been very important to us and remains so moving forward. It has meant that we have undergone some significant changes and as far as we see it some really constructive ones. As always we remain positive about the progress that our students and apprentices have made during this time and the positive progress we know will continue as we ease into a new normal.

Our employers have also undergone a huge upheaval over the past months. This has been a trying time for businesses as a whole throughout the country. We have been in contact with our employers and as always are cheering them onto a safe and viable return to normal trade. We always appreciate the support our employers give us but also how they support and guide their apprentices. It isn’t a small task taking on an apprentice but we know all those that do are better for it.

Our message to all involved with MMCollege is to, where ever and whenever you can, keep on keeping on. We understand the challenges and difficulties and remain open to hearing what they are for each and every one of our employers, students and staff. Our ultimate motivation is to help!

Undertaking and completing the Certificate III in Hairdressing (SHB30416) or the Certificate III in Barbering (SHB30516) is no small feat most certainly not during Coronavirus. We want to send a special shout out to Shahn who became a fully qualified Hairdresser just last week. Well Done Shahn! We wish you all the very best in your career and you have really proven yourself to be a fantastic Hairdresser.