The Dirty Beard (Barbering)

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There are blogs going around the Internet again in regard to the hygiene of beards. According to a new study, beards contain just as much fecal matter as a toilet. KOAT 7 reports that after swabbing a number of beards, a New Mexico microbiologist made the shocking discovery. However, the study has little scientific merit.

In a quote from IFLScience!:
“As Nick Evershed from the Guardian points out, the story wasn’t based on a scientific study. The investigation instead consisted of a reporter taking swabs of a small number of men’s beards and then sending those samples to a microbiologist to analyze. The microbiologist John Golobic identified ‘enteric’ bacteria, which normally reside in the intestines. He told the presenter that these bacteria are usually found in feces, but bacteria associated with feces is not necessarily feces—an important distinction that many people seem to have ignored.”

In a Youtube clip more is explained:

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The internet has provided a viral story with little merit. The study came out in 2015 and is again doing the rounds on the Internet. However, if you are concerned that your beard now needs to be razored maybe go to your local Melbourne Barber Shop or be a model for some of our fantastic barbering apprentices at our Barbering Shop on Canterbury Road.

To learn more about Barbering and Beards please click on the following link to the new course starting in Late January, Certificate III in Barbering.

Barbering Course in Melbourne.

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