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Australian Flower Industry is taking floristry into the digital world with its new app. Watch the “Awesome Aussie Flowers” Youtube clip for more details.

It’s hard to believe that not so long ago, there was no Internet to turn to at a moment’s notice. No social media to connect us, or online news to instantly inform us.

Today, we have a world of information at our fingertips, all accessible through a range of handy digital devices. We are living in the New Digital Age.

The team who brings you the Australian Flower Industry magazine has kept a keen eye on the evolution of information delivery. For more than twelve years, they have brought together key information and delivered it across the country in a printed format, which has been so well received that the magazine is the leading voice of the national commercial cut flower and foliage industry.

Now, technology in the form of tablets, smart phones and interactive applications offer new ways to inform readers, provide content on-demand, and encourage participation and interaction throughout the flower industry community.

Introducing “Flower Mag”

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Flower Mag is an electronic magazine which can now be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store. This new online tool gives us another avenue to communicate and share information with the wider cut flower and foliage community, in addition to the printed Australian Flower Industry magazine.

Flower Mag was created to take advantage of new online opportunities, instantly bringing the world of flowers to consumers and linking them with all members of the supply chain. As we progress into the future with more issues of Flower Mag, this Australian publication will grow and develop to suit the needs of its worldwide audience.

Flower also represents an exciting new world of advertising opportunities for our advertisers, which are not possible in a printed format. This equates to more conversions, more brand awareness, more social media exposure, and more revenue. New media benefits include the addition of links, audio options, embedded videos, shopping cart functionality and promotional competitions.

Celebrating the wonderful world of fresh flowers Flower Mag preserves the Australian Flower Industry magazine’s hard-won reputation as a great source of news, views, upcoming industry events, exclusive stories and practical information. Across the whole supply chain – from in-depth technical articles for growers and breeders, to marketing and sales secrets from the experts, to photo features on retail trends and exhibitions – users will continue to find something to help their business grow in every issue. Subscribers and advertisers offering innovative products and services, together with the extensive expertise of our contributing authors who write exclusively for the publication, all make Flower Mag the only trade flower magazine of its kind.

We employ all students to download this app and have a play. There are articles written by the Principal of Marjorie Milner College, Greg Milner. This could be a great tool for students at its free in the apps store.

Flower Mag is your mobile app, to celebrate your industry. Download it today, and stay tuned for exciting new developments…

Download Flower Mag by searching for ‘Flower mag’ at the App and Google play stores.

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Go to AFI Facebook Page for more details about publications.

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