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Photos: Marjorie Milner College Display at the Melbourne Flower Show by Hayden Golder Photographer. AAFD Display at the Melbourne Flower Show by Hayden Golder Photographer. Tweet from “That’s Melbourne” with Kaitlyn, the winner of the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show Advanced Competition. (#MIFGS). Photo with Greg and Nicole with the Winners of the Advanced and Intermediate Competitions.

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show, at the World Heritage Listed Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens, returned in 2016 with an explosion of colour and design. After 20 years it still remains the biggest annual flower and garden show in the Southern Hemisphere!

This years Flower Show set the stage for the flow of creativity and passion from Australia’s top florists and floral artists which was delivered in stunning displays as well as through a strong environmental gardening message.

In 2016 Marjorie Milner College’s students geared up for the intermediate and advanced competitions. These competitions are open to all TAFE Colleges including Box Hill Institute, Melbourne Polytechnic, Holmesglen Institute and Marjorie Milner College. For the last four consecutive years Marjorie Milner College has won both of these competitions.

This year was particularly special as Marjorie Milner College is celebrating 70 years of training in 2016. The students did not disappoint and Marjorie Milner College students took out both 1st and 2nd places in each student competition. Their displays for the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (#MIFGS) turned out beautifully and all the winning pieces can be seen in the gallery below.

Marjorie Milner College also had great success with their main stands in the great hall. Nicole Gibson, Head Floristry Teacher of Marjorie Milner College, was asked to create a main display for the Australian Association of Floral Designers. Nicole and Greg were well received on stage, demonstrating their skills to a captive audience. Marjorie Milner College students, who will represent their state regions in the National Finals of WorldSkills, also demonstrated on stage at the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show (MIFGS) showing their creativity, much to the enjoyment of the audience. The main stage design by Nicole received sponsorship from Sabco and was awarded the Gold medal. We asked Hayden Golder (Photographer) to come and shoot all the amazing designs shown in the gallery.

Please have a look through all the students and teachers work below.

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