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Maybe A Floristry Assistant Or A Beauty Trainee!

Marjorie Milner College, celebrating 70 years of training, specialises in apprenticeship training. We also advise the Head of the Hairdressing Department is Natalie Miller, who will be known to many of you through her years of quality hairdressing teaching. Currently, our classes are 100% hairdressing apprentices only.

We want your apprentices. Transferring is easy and the incentives for new apprentices are the best they have been for employers.

Victorian Hairdressing has been given an amazing opportunity provided by the State Government’s “Back to Work” scheme. Employers who are looking to put on new staff are eligible for a $2500 sign up bonus. If you are looking for an apprentice or a shop manager you may be eligible for up to $13,000 of government incentives.

Apprenticeship took a backward step in 2015 with employers having to pay the fees for their apprentice at their Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Conversely the Victorian Government has also included into the scheme a payment of up to $4000 to assist with the costs of the first years fees at the RTO (Basically they are free).

Part of running a successful hairdressing business in 2016 is having access to the best information. Marjorie Milner College emails out monthly to employers with updates about apprenticeship and government changes. We work very closely with Wendy Prosser from an Australian Apprentice Support Network “Apprenticeships Matter” to get the best information for hairdressers. To get onto the e-mailing list please email

Apprenticeship is the lifeblood of the industry, it is the future and now the government has recognised how important it is and is willing to help small business financially. Please review the table below for the benefits to Victorian Hairdressers. These benefits are also available to florists and beauty therapists and barbers. The barbering Certificate III in Barbering SHB50103 has not been endorsed yet but we are getting close.

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Timeline Back To Work Funding Federal Funding (Apprenticeship)
Start of Employment $2500 (Full Time) $1875 PT  
1 Month after training started (RTO only) Up to $4000 towards RTO Training Costs  
6 Months   $1500*
9 Months $2500 (Full Time) $1875 PT  
Completion of Training   $2500*
Total up to $9000 + RTO’s first year’s fees paid.
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*Eligibility Criteria Applies for Federal Incentives. Please contact Apprenticeships Matter for more details.

You may also want to contact the following website for more details:

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