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Horticultural Centre, Jolimont Road, Nunawading

Today three floristry students from Marjorie Milner College demonstrated at the Floral Art Society of Victoria in Nunawading.

Bridget Fallace (Current Diploma of Floristry Design SFL50110) works at Flos Florum in Malvern. Bridget has completed her apprenticeship including: Certificate III in Floristry SFL30110, & Certificate IV in Floristry SFL40110.

Catherine Machell runs the Willow Branch  (https://www.facebook.com/TheWillowBranchFlorist ) and is currently studying her Certificate IV in Floristry.

Danika Mahon who studied her Certificate III in Floristry in Queensland is now studying Certificate IV in Floristry (SFL40110)

The students were asked to complete two Christmas inspired designs each. Catherine’s first piece was a Christmas tree inspired piece made from viburnum berry, gerberas and roses. Her second piece was a table centre for a beach inspired Christmas table with driftwood, dahlias, roses and chincherinchees.

Danica created her first piece as a combination of base medium, wired and handtied techniques. She created a corporate using roses chincherinchees and queen Anne’s Lace. In her second piece she made a base out of ice and complimented it with South African, Australian natives and gum leaves.

Bridget’s first piece was a silver birch inspired Christmas tree, she complimented it with baubles and a fresh colour theme of green and white. Her second piece was a Christmas table centre made from a piece of wood and bottles with was loops over the top. She used a combination of Phalaenopsis orchids, disbud chrysanthemums, veronica and anthuriums.

Thank you to the young ladies for a fantastic effort and a great demonstration enjoyed by all.

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