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Course Overview

The Certificate III in Barbering reflects the role of barbers who use a range of well-developed sales, consultation and technical skills and knowledge to provide a broad range of barbering services to clients. They use discretion and judgement to provide client services and take responsibility for the outcomes of their own work.

After successful completion of the Certificate III in Barbering qualification, you will be qualified to work as a barber in any industry environment, usually a barber shop or salon.

This program is designed for people interested in becoming a qualified barber. Successful completion can lead to employment in a range of roles within industry.

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MM College offers a range of study options and the Certificate III in Barbering can be studied at different levels of intensity. MM College offers a 1 day per week program, delivered across 18 months but also offers 2 days per week across a 12 month program.


This course is delivered on campus in Surrey Hills, Victoria. A combination of theory units and practical assessments make up this course with role play and simulated working environments incorporated in the delivery. Students will work in a simulated Barbering environment when undertaking the practical components of the course.


Completion of 26 units of competency (21 core and 5 electives)

Unit CodeUnit Name
SHBXCCS002 Provide salon services to clients
SHBHBAS001 Provide shampoo and basin services
SHBHIND001 Maintain and organise tools, equipment and work areas
SHBXWHS001 Apply safe hygiene, health and work practices
SHBHDES001 Dry hair to shape
SHBXIND002 Communicate as part of a salon team
SHBHCUT001 Design haircut structures
SHBHCUT002 Create one length or solid haircut structures
SHBHCUT003 Create graduated haircut structures
SHBXCCS001 Conduct salon financial transactions
SHBHCUT004 Create layered haircut structures
SHBHCUT005 Cut hair using over-comb techniques
BSBSUS201 Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices
SHBHCUT007 Create combined traditional and classic men’s haircut structures
SHBHCUT009 Cut hair using freehand clipper techniques
SHBHCUT011 Design and maintain beards and moustaches
SHBHCUT012 Shave heads and faces
SHBHCUT013 Provide men’s general grooming services
SHBHTRI001 Identify and treat hair and scalp conditions
SHBXIND001 Comply with organisational requirements within a personal services environment
SHBHIND003 Develop and expand a client base

Based on detailed industry consultation, MM College has selected the following five elective units of competency to meet the training package rules.

Unit CodeUnit Name
SHBHCUT006 Create combined haircut structures
SHBHCUT010 Create haircuts using tracks and carving
SHBXCCS004 Recommend products and services
SIRXMKT002 Use social media to engage customers
BSBEBU401 Review and maintain a website

There are no prerequisite qualifications necessary to study the Certificate III in Barbering. To successfully enrol in the course does require the completion of a Pre-Training Review. This process allows MMCollege to also assess a students suitability to undertake the course including a Language, Literacy and Numeracy evaluation.

There are no specific entry requirements to study the Certificate III in Barbering however, students are required to undertake a Pre-Training Review process to evaluate their suitability for the course. This pre-training review process also assists MMCollege with understanding how best to support you through your learning journey.

Course assessments are conducted in a variety of methods including:

Written assessments

Practical assessments

Project work/research

Scenarios/Role Play

This qualification is nationally accredited and successful participants will receive a certificate for SHB30516 Certificate III in Barbering

A credit transfer is the recognition that a unit or component of another training program may be equivalent in content and level to a unit or component of the training program you are seeking to undertake. A credit transfer can result in the exemption of some units or course requirements and reduce your fees. Relevant units deemed competent on Statements of Attainment or AQF Qualifications issued by other RTOs will be recognised. The credit transfer process incurs no additional costs when enrolling in a course with MMC. Any application for credit transfer(s) is required to be made at the time of enrolment.

MMCollege is committed to providing up-to-date and relevant Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and Recognition of Current Competency (RCC) information to all students during enrolment and whilst enrolled. MMCollege staff will provide support and guidance regarding these enquiries.  The RCC assessment follows the same procedure as RPL described below. All applicants for RPL will be provided with a copy of the relevant unit of competency and evidence requirements for the units being applied for. Applicants who are able to provide satisfactory evidence that they have achieved the required unit of competency or competencies may progress through the course with an exemption for the RPL units.

What is RPL?

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process, which recognises what you have learnt from:

  • Life experience
  • Work experience
  • Non-accredited/accredited training programs

These experiences are measured against the qualification/unit you are doing or want to do. If what you have learned at work or elsewhere is relevant to your course or qualification, you may not have to do certain units of the qualification again.

How does RPL work?

If you decide to apply for RPL, you will be asked for detailed records of your experience, employment, training, etc., which may be relevant. An RPL application form template (Appendix 1.2) can be requested from Administration. Part of the RPL process requires you to conduct a self-assessment and to provide evidence against each of the performance criteria in a unit of competency. Once this is completed, you will then have an interview with your trainer who will go through your evidence portfolio with you.

Please speak with staff during your enrolment process in regards to applications for RPL. Please note there is a cost for the RPL process to cover the time spent by trainers and administrators processing the RPL application.

401 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills Victoria 3127

Fees can vary depending on your eligibility for Government funding and your concession status. Please refer to our fees schedule for more information

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