The Perfect Trio - 3 Week Floristry Short Course

3 Week Course


The Perfect Trio - A 3 week fun and interactive short course in Floristry

3 Weeks
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401 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills Victoria, 3127
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Course Overview

Join our Head of Floristry, Dayne Robinson for this engaging and practical 3-week short course celebrating 3 Floristry forms to give you a taste of the world of floral design. Sessions held on Tuesdays starting at 10am to 1pm, we will take you through the basics of flower arranging in each week’s session, you get to take home your creations.

Week 1 – Bright Bouquet
Together with your trained florist you’ll be taken through each step of creating a bright and vibrant front facing bouquet using a stunning range of seasonal flowers and foliage. The skills learned in this class will give you the knowledge to create your own bouquet at home!

Week 2 – “Tussie mussie‘ vibe
You’ll love this week! It’s all about the placement of flowers and discussing elements and principles of design within arrangements using squat vases. You’ll learn to create a beautiful, classic arrangements with seasonal florals and a range of stunning green garden foliage.

Week 3 – Table Centre
This week is all about dressing to impress. Creating a table centre for all your entertaining needs. Bringing together simple concepts that can transform a room or anywhere you need some freshness with a beautiful and put together table centre. These skills will mean you can create table centres for a range of occasions.

This course is delivery face-to-face at our Surrey Hills campus. 401 Canterbury Road, Surrey Hills Vic 3127

3 Week Floristry Short Course (includes ‘The Skill of Flower Arranging by world renowned author and florist Gregory Milner) 750.00 exc GST
  • Non-refundable – This course requires the advance purchase of flowers and other materials and as such we are unable to offer refunds


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